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Poly-backed Paper Floor Mat Avoid tracking the dirt, grease, oil, or other chemical fluids into the car by applying disposable floor mats. A wide variety of options are available to serve various floor protection needs.

When evaluating disposable floor mats, consider the following:

Standard Plastic Floor Mat Coverage Area. A larger mat (such as 17" x 22") will prevent more stains by covering a larger area where stains and liquid may be deposited.

Environment. Are there lots of fluids or caustic chemicals around the shop that may be tracked into the vehicle? If so, a paper floor mat may allow those fluids to leak through to the customer's floor mat. A layered poly-backed or latex-backed mat should be considered in these situations. A largely dry environment, on the other hand, can benefit from the economical protection of paper floor mats.

Plastic Adhesive Floor Mat Season. During the rainy or snowy season, the superior performance of a poly-backed or latex-backed floor mat may be well worth the additional cost as compared to a paper mat. The dual-layered mats have a much higher resistance to tearing and will not fall apart even in the presence of a lot of water. Further, the backing provides a waterproof shield to prevent leakage through the mat.

Stability. How well does the mat stay in place on entry and exit of the vehicle or with foot movement during a test drive? A small paper floor mat tends to slide around in the foot well. Larger paper mats do better, but also tend to bunch up underneath the pedals. If a mat's ability to stay in place is of high importance, consider a brand with a double-layered construction with a bottom layer designed to grip the floor.

Floor Mats with Eye-Catching Full Color Graphics Marketing. Some mats can be printed with eye-catching full-color graphics, vehicle maintenance tips, or a custom message chosen by you, the shop owner. This provides an additional opportunity to call attention to your shop and its concern for the care of your customer's vehicle.

Floor Mats with Eye-Catching Full Color Graphics The performance of a disposable floor mat is first measured by its ability to effectively place a barrier between stain hazards and the customer's vehicle carpeting. To score high marks, a mat has to fully cover the area at risk, stay in place without sliding or bunching up, stay intact in the presence of liquids and chemicals, and not allow spills and stains to leak through. A significant secondary factor worth considering is the ability of the mat to capture the attention of the customer and make a positive impression.

Depending on the environment and season of use there are many good options to choose from in a disposable floor mat, whether it be paper, poly-backed, latex-backed, plastic, or a combination. Generally, the decision comes down to how much protection is required for a particular situation and the impression left with the customer, vs. the cost of the mat.

Protect your customer's vehicle, make a positive impression, all at a low cost.   Shop for Floor Mats online.

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