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Service Reminder Sticker Printing System

Have you given your customers a reason to come back for scheduled service at your shop? Will your shop be top-of-mind when they make their next vehicle service decision? Build brand recognition with your customers and increase your repeat business in the process.

Branding. Service reminder stickers quietly display your shop's name every time your customer looks to the upper left of their windshield. Each time the thought of an oil change, tire rotation, tune-up, or other scheduled service crosses their mind, they'll look to the sevice reminder sticker and your business name, reinforcing the memory of the past quality service you provided.

Customizable. Service dates, service intervals, mileage, or any other relevant information can be custom printed to make a professional, easy-to-read sticker without the need for handwriting.

Flexibility. Choose the message you want, and change it up as you see fit! You are not constrained by a single message that was pre-printed on thousands of stickers.

Offer Promotions. Provide an added incentive for customers to be loyal to your shop. Use the flexibility of custom messages to include a coupon or special promotion for your customer's next service.

Microsoft Windows Compatible Service Reminder Sticker System Microsoft® Windows Model. The Microsoft Windows-compatible model provides the most flexibility with the ability to make completely custom messages on the sticker. It connects just like a printer to any Windows 95, 98, 2000 or Windows XP PC, or can be setup as a printer on your network. Operating and programming software is included.

Stand Alone Service Reminder Sticker System Stand Alone Option. A stand alone version is also available that requires no additional computer, software, or network, and has its own keyboard. Messages are pre-programmed into the unit.

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Service Reminder Sticker System
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