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Oil Change Stickers are Economical Brand Builders

Static cling windshield stickers are a tried-and-true method for bringing your customers back for repeat business on a regular basis. Why do static cling reminder stickers work so effectively?

Oil Change Reminder Stickers

The Stickers are Useful.

Your customer is unlikely to remember the mileage or date of the last oil change performed, and is very likely to think about scheduled maintenance while driving. When the thought of an oil change crosses the customer's mind, he or she simply looks to the upper left of the windshield to find an instant answer as to when an oil change is due and where it was last performed. The oil change sticker fulfills the customer's need to document and plan scheduled maintenance.

Static Clings are Unassuming Brand Builders.

Brand recognition is built by repeated exposure to a company, product, or service. The oil change sticker is always present in plain sight of the customer whenever behind the wheel, yet it remains subtle and unobtrusive. Each glance at the sticker is a reminder of their prior service experience, increasing the likelihood that they will return when the service comes due.

Convenient Reminders Build Customer Loyalty.

Given that the customer remembers fantastic past service experiences with your shop, they are likely to return and have the contact information readily at hand as well in the oil change sticker. It is viewed as a convenient reminder vs. an advertisement, so it is well received. The perception is that it is a thoughtful added touch to your full-service business, which helps them remember routine maintenance, further building a positive opinion of your shop.

Windshield Stickers are Always in View.

Your customer needs to change the oil every three months or 3,000-6,000 miles. This might only be 4-6 times per year! The service reminder sticker, however, is there every day inbetween service visits to reinforce past positive experiences, keeping your shop and your superior service at top-of-mind.

Service Reminder Stickers are Economical.

At a cost of around $0.04, the value of this marketing tool is hard to beat!

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Oil Change Stickers provide all of the marketing elements that allow customers to sell themselves on your service over a long period of time. The sticker's perceived usefulness, repeated daily exposure, subtle unobtrusive nature, continual presence in customer view, and low price point make Oil Change Stickers a extremely high value marketing tool for the Automotive Service and Repair Shop.

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